Our saddleshop

On first sight our saddleshop looks quite small because it has been a cowstable in the middle of this millenary little village Ocquier; but when you come in you'll be nicely surprised to find such a wide range of horsetack and products.

The horsematerial  you'll see on the groundflour is just a little sample of the variety of tack, boots, saddles, clothes etc. you'll find on the first floor !

Mainly our specialisation is the drivingsport and trailriding but don't worry : we can greatly satisfy any horsewoman or man in any discipline you can think of! 

Whatever your budget : you'll surely find your satisfaction in our 200m² shoppingspace.

While buying in our horseshop you'll get 10% direct reduction on most of our equestrian articles.

Please have a look in our shop :

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